In an effort to keep apace of the growth in the need to incremental capital growth, we have created Venro capital management company LLC (the company). Our focus is on the protection and stabilization of client investment portfolios from the ravages of market volatility without placing a ceiling on potential capital growth. At first blush this may not seem possible if referenced to conventional investment theory. Conventional investment theory opines that reward is correlated to risk. We do not disagree with that postulate. However Venro Capital Management*s investment style employs a change in that risk/reward theorem. Our investment methodology is designed to provide a significant comfort level for our clients with less exposure to market eruptions stemming from geopolitical, sociopath, or natural disaster causes. Our investment style puts a floor on potential principal loss, but does not put a ceiling on potential investment gains. We are able to reach for this goal by virtue of a conservative asset allocation mix, allowing our portfolios to significantly outperform market-diversified portfolios while having a lower degree of volatility.


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